Episode 21 – Jinx Yeo, Singapore Comic talks about government censorship, playing mainland China, and his mom.

(Singapore) – From Southeast Asia, the very funny Jinx Yeo joins us for Episode 21 of “Troy Wilde Interviews.”

We talk about government censorship and possible flogging in some of the countries where Jinx performs. Seriously, comics can get a government-sanctioned beating for telling the wrong jokes in China, Myanmar and other Asian countries. I’d liked to be flogged.

I also share my view on how 30 years of performing grunge music may have played a role in Soundgarden frontman Chris Cornell’s suicide. Seriously, grunge musicians, take a fricking shower.
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Episode 20 – Joyce Artinian likes herself, is super funny, we share a love for Howard Stern, and we discuss the dark side of Carol Burnett.

(Hackensack, NJ) – From the NYC suburb of Hackensack, the very funny Joyce Artinian joins us on Episode 20 of “Troy Wilde Interviews.”
We discuss our mutual love for Howard Stern and I play the news demo that nearly landed me a gig with Howard on Sirius in 2013. We also talk about the very dark side of Carol Burnett.
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Episode 19 – Comic Jon Levine actually likes himself, and he brings the FUNNY!!

(Atlanta) From Atlanta, comic Jon Levine brings the funny for Episode 19 of “Troy Wilde Interviews.” Jon is a minority among comics because he likes himself and has healthy and strong family relationships. In related news, my low self-esteem is at an all time high.

Jon talks about playing clubs around the Southeast and his deep love of comedy, and performing in general.
“Troy Wilde Interviews,” is the broadcast quality podcast dedicated to interviewing comics in the US, and internationally. You can also listen/subscribe on Apple Podcasts (iTunes), Google Play, Stitcher Radio, and YouTube.

Episode 18 – Erik Knowles

(Fort Walton Beach, FL) – From Fort Walton Beach the very funny Erik Knowles joins us for Episode 18 of “Troy Wilde Interviews,” the broadcast quality podcast dedicated to interviewing comics in the US, and internationally.
Erik tells how he and others are using comedy to help bring joy to veterans through the Wounded Warrior Project.
Erik, a former Marine with a bit of an attitude issue, found his passion for comedy after the USMC big dogs ordered him to perform at a talent show, as a punishment. Fourteen years later, Erik is performing around the country, developing a sitcom about his five kids, producing a stand up album, and bringing laughter to his veteran brothers and sisters.

Episode 17 – Jill Kimmel, Jimmy’s little sister?

(Phoenix, AZ) – From Phoenix, the very funny and very cool national touring comic Jill Kimmel joins us for Episode 17 of “Troy Wilde Interviews.” Jill tells us how an open mic changed her life and launched her comedy career. She’s opened for Arsenio Hall and other big names, and performs around the country. Jill also talks about growing up in Las Vegas, and both the benefits and challenges of having a famous sibling. I also reveal that I am, in fact, the illegitimate son of Don Rickles.

Episode 16 Paco Erhard – German Comic Talks About Being a “German Comic” RIP CHARLIE MURPHY

(Melbourne, Australia) – German comic Paco Erhard joins us from the Melbourne International Comedy Festival for Episode 16 of “Troy Wilde Interviews.” Paco explains why a German guy has a Spanish first name, and talks about the challenges and rewards of being a “German Comic.” (Those folks ain’t exactly known for their shtick) We also talk about Paco performing at comedy festivals around the world, and living in Germany again after 15 years abroad. Plus, a tribute to the late Charlie Murphy.


Episode 16 Paco Erhard

Episode 15 Jojo Georgiou WE LOVE RICKLES

(United Kingdom) – A comic from Texas living in London? What the hell…
Jojo Georgiou, a Texan who performs in the United Kingdom and throughout Europe, joins us from London for Episode 15 of “Troy Wilde Interviews.”
Dedicated to the late and great DON RICKLES.
Jojo and I talk about the tremendous impact and influence of Mr. Rickles. I talk about meeting the man backstage with my alcoholic date at a casino in Palm Springs, and wishing that I was his illegitimate son. Meanwhile, Jojo was seduced by an Englishman n the late 1990’s and took up permanent residency in London.

Episode 14 – Simon Palomares

(Melbourne, Australia) – From the Land Down Under, international comic Simon Palomares joins us for Episode 14 of “Troy Wilde Interviews.” Simon is a well-known personality in Australia. He also speaks Spanish, and performs to audiences in South America and Spain. Simon talks about performing at the Punchliner Comedy Club aboard Carnival cruise ships – a lucrative gig for comics, at one of the biggest comedy club chains on Earth. The best part about performing at sea? If you have a bad show, you can head to the top deck and jump overboard.

Episode 14 Simon Palomares

Episode 13 Anil Desai – UK comic brings it with killer Eddie Murphy and McConaughey impressions.

(London) – From the UK, comic Anil Desai joins us and talks about performing on stages from Berlin to Beirut. Anil also shares his great impressions of Eddie Murphy, Matthew McConaughey, Christian Slater, De Niro and others.

Episode 13 Anil Desai

Episode 12 – Andy Steinberg, Phoenix Comic talks about being inspired by Marc Maron bombing, opening for Aries Spears, and his anti-love for Tucson!

Phoenix, AZ – From Phoenix, where there are 2.7 million beautiful women, the very funny Andy Steinberg, who frightens the guys in ZZ Top, joins us for Episode 12 of “Troy Wilde Interviews.” Andy tells us how watching Marc Maron bomb on stage inspired his own comedy journey. We also talk about Andy opening for Aries Spears, deadly colonscopy’s, and Andy’s anti-love for Tucson.

Episode 12 Andy Steinberg