Episode 13 Anil Desai – UK comic brings it with killer Eddie Murphy and McConaughey impressions.

(London) – From the UK, comic Anil Desai joins us and talks about performing on stages from Berlin to Beirut. Anil also shares his great impressions of Eddie Murphy, Matthew McConaughey, Christian Slater, De Niro and others.

Episode 13 Anil Desai

Episode 12 – Andy Steinberg, Phoenix Comic talks about being inspired by Marc Maron bombing, opening for Aries Spears, and his anti-love for Tucson!

Phoenix, AZ – From Phoenix, where there are 2.7 million beautiful women, the very funny Andy Steinberg, who frightens the guys in ZZ Top, joins us for Episode 12 of “Troy Wilde Interviews.” Andy tells us how watching Marc Maron bomb on stage inspired his own comedy journey. We also talk about Andy opening for Aries Spears, deadly colonscopy’s, and Andy’s anti-love for Tucson.

Episode 12 Andy Steinberg

Episode 11- Karen Renee, From near the OC, comic Karen Renee brings the FUNNY!

Long Beach, CA – From near Orange County, the very funny Karen Renee joins us for Episode 11 of Troy Wilde Interviews. The Great Recession came, so Karen packed up her Lincoln Town Car and drove in air conditioned luxury from her hometown of Independence, Missouri to pursue her comedy dreams in California. Karen tells us how she got the name “KC Masterpiece,” and also about performing at Jokesters Comedy Club at the D Hotel in Las Vegas.

Episode 10 Menuhin Hart – Big Apple comic brings it! We ask the question; Does the pain of racism make Black comics funnier?

New York City – From the Big Apple, the very funny Menuhin Hart brings it for the 10th episode of “Troy Wilde Interviews.” Menuhin plays clubs around NYC and talks about sharing the stage with Kevin Hart. We also ask whether the incredible pain of racism makes Black comics funnier? The best comedy is said to come from the most painful shit. On a lighter note, I share my $7,000 New York City vacation story and how Bank of America (bastards) paid for it.

Episode 10 Menhuin Hart

Episode 9 – Adam Heath Avitable, the Funnyman From Florida on Self-Loathing Being at an Epidemic Level Among Comics and How to Make Bank Working the Clubs

Orlando, FL – Orlando, FL – From Orlando, funnyman Adam Heath Avitable joins us for Episode 9 of “Troy Wilde Interviews,” the podcast dedicated to interviewing comics around the country. Adam talks about self-loathing being at an all-time high among comics. I hate myself at times, but not Adam, he’s good with himself (his mother loves him). Also, Adam ain’t no dummy; my man has a law degree, and shares some awesome insight about how to make money as a comic working the clubs.

Episode 9 Adam Heath Avitable.

Episode 8 – Mark White, the “Goth Comedian” from Las Vegas talks about Devil Worship and Getting Girls

Las Vegas, NV – From Las Vegas, Mark White the “Goth Comedian” joins us and provides insight to the underworld and devil worship community of stand-UP comedy. Kidding, Mark’s a very funny guy just trying to get girls. Plus, we talk about Jill Kimmel (Jimmy’s little sister) opening for our main man Arsenio at the Talking Stick Resort in Scottsdale.
Episode 8 Mark White

Episode 7 Dwayne Jackson, Atlanta Comic Owns It with MLK impression!

Atlanta, GA – From Atlanta, the very funny and authentic Dwayne Jackson joins us and shares his unique, and spot-on MLK impression. Dwayne was born and raised in NYC but has called Atlanta home for two decades, and is a fixture in the strong ATL comedy scene.Episode 7 Dwayne Jackson

Episode 6 Dietrich Shelton, LA-comic talks about “Chasing the Dream”

Los Angeles, CA – Before POTUS Trump gets impeached, you can listen to comic Dietrich Shelton talk about chasing the comedy dream on the mean streets of Los Angeles! Dietrich has enormous courage, and he joins us for Episode 6 on “Troy Wilde Interviews.” The podcast dedicated to interviewing comics from around this blessed nation, and striving to be the “Inside the Actors Studio” of comedy podcasts!

Episode 6 Dietrich Shelton

Episode 5 Helen Hong, LA-based National Touring Comic Brings the Funny!

Hollywood, CA – Helen Hong brings the funny! The LA-based comedienne and actress tours the country and has performed on The Arsenio Hall Show, Last Call with Carson Daly, and Parks and Recreation. We talked to Helen while she was driving to do a show at the Improv in Ontario.

Episode 5 Helen Hong